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What do we offer you?

We help you design an integrated online store to display your products online with just one click. Create your online store now to start selling everywhere.

Integrated online store

An integrated online store at your fingertips, specially equipped to display your products and obtain additional sales

Complete control of your store

With the integrated control panel, you can adjust all the settings you want from templates to payment methods

100% responsive design

We guarantee that your store responds correctly and innovatively to all types of devices, whether you use the store from a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Direct and fast technical support

Our expert technical support team is always available to serve you at any time throughout the week

design front end

Unique store design to make your business a true e-commerce platform

Characteristics and advantages of your online store

Standard multi-vendor system with an attractive and efficient front-end and optimized control features

Laravel script is based on PHP

Developed using the most powerful PHP Laravel framework which we designed with great consideration and care, while still giving you the ability to customize it to your unique style or brand.

Simple and innovative interface

The control panel was smooth and attractive, taking into account facilitating the process of dealing with the store for customers and making it easy to access what they want quickly and simply.

Multi-vendor system

There is no need to create huge stores with exorbitant costs anymore. The system was designed to take into account its compatibility and integration into buying and selling operations through the Amazon and eBay platforms with ease and speed.

Multiple payment gateways

Mtjark provides different payment methods such as (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal) and many other payment methods, so you do not have to worry about your bank accounts and various taxes.

Customer management

Do not spend more time writing detailed information about your customers. Import contacts from the control panel and let things happen at a speed you cannot imagine.

Item management

Enter all your products, their specifications and categories according to their types so that you can enter them into your invoice automatically to save your time and effort.

Powerful control panel

Everything you need to control your store

The administration panel of Mtjark is a complete control room for your company. You can completely manage all e-commerce work, including managing customers, products, orders, sellers, and branches.

Determine your profit percentage

Start E-commerce risk-free

We are here to help you run your store and complete all your business operations. All you have to do is focus on marketing and building a strong commercial identity for your store.

Multiple payment gateways

Get your payments seamlessly

We took into account facilitating the payment process for customers and providing flexibility and ease in terms of the many payment options available in Mtjark system

Add and add products

You can add multiple products in moments

With Mtjark system, you can import the products you want from any platform or add them in easy and simple steps using our distinctive control panel.



The basic package for all stores includes all its features and options. It is the most suitable package for owners of start-up companies and beginners in e-commerce.

  • Complete control of the store
  • Multiple pages
  • Multiple currencies
  • Bank transfer
  • Special pages
  • Discount coupons


993.50 SAR

The distinctive Go package for stores, which includes all its features and options, is the most suitable package for owners of medium-sized companies who wish to expand e-commerce.

  • Discount coupons
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Free .com domain (optional)
  • View abandoned Carts
  • Payment (optional)
  • Free SSL certificate

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By clicking on the registration button to register a new account, then enter your required personal information such as name, email, and password, then choose the store template you want, then add your products and describe them in the required fields by clicking on the Add Product button located in the panel. Control, then set up the payment and shipping methods you want through the settings command, then adjust the store’s settings such as its address and privacy policy in addition to return policies, then upload your store to the platform via the publish command located in the control panel and your store will be published within Moments
Mtjark platform provides a variety of templates, designs, and professional tools that can be chosen and customized according to the store’s needs. In addition, the platform features a safe and reliable infrastructure, and is subject to regular security checks, which ensures the protection of customer and store data, in addition to supporting and integrating your store with a group A wide range of payment and shipping methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, and economic and fast shipping options. The platform also provides distinguished technical support to customers around the clock, 7 days a week.
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